Craft Production Resource

In the Beginning...we were known as craft Theater, co-founded and lead by Tracy Mobley-Martinez.

     "We started Craft nurture and produce new, locally written plays.  We read the short plays at weekly meetings.  We talk about them... Some plays emerge fully realized and others evolve - with the input of actors, directors, theater enthusiasts and other playwrights over the course of months. Sometimes they go on to production and sometimes they don't.  We like the idea of churning through work in a group of peers, in rehearsal and in performance. ...Ultimately, it's a place to try new stuff- a place to work on your craft." (Tracy Mobley-Martinez 2011)

2011 -  Local No.1  - "Disposing of Grandma" by Sue Bachman   

                                 "BillorBob" by Mark and Lauren Arnest

      produced at the SPQR Gallery in Colorado Springs. 


2012 - Local No.2 - "Touched by a Knish"  by Phil Ginsburg    

                               "Till Death Do Us Part" by Sue Bachman    

                               "Almost Jerusalem"      by Phil Ginsburg      

        produced at the Marmalade at Smokebrush

In January of 2013, Tracy needed to put her energies in a different direction and Kathy Paradise, who was also a co-founder of craft Theater and had stage managed the previous 2 shows, assumed the leadership of the group.  At the same time, it was decided by the most active participants incraft Theater, to make some changes:  

     Agreed to no longer meet weekly for play development purpose as many playwrights are now developing their work in writing labs.  

     Agreed to become a production company for fully developed original work - which led to the name change  Craft Production Resource.

     Agreed to change the name of the annual production of a full evening of short, original plays from "Local" to "Our Shorts Are Showing" 

2013 - Our Shorts Are Showing 1 - "Submission" by Phil Ginsburg  

                                                       "Window of the Soul"  by Sue Bachman

                                                       "St. Clara of Corona"  by Phil Ginsburg

                                                       "Daddy"  by Charlie Ammen

                                                       "Unfinished Business"   by Barbara Summerville

       Produced at the Black Box Theatre 


2014 - Our Shorts Are Showing 2 - "You're Driving Me Crazy"  by Todd Wallinger

                                                       "Out of the Cold"  by Sue Bachman

                                                       "Fasten Your Seat Belts"  by Sue Bachman           

                                                       "Then and Now"  by Charlie Ammen

                                                       "If Stars Could Change"  by Jess Weaver

                                                        "As It Is In Heaven"  by Phil Ginsburg

       Produced at the Black Box theatre
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Currently, we are a virtual company - meaning we do not have a permanent stage home, however, The Theatre On Pecan welcomes CPR with open arms every year!  Perhaps????  

Future plans include producing smaller salon events for social and business gatherings using many of the short plays we have accumulated that are appropriate to the occasion, producing new, original full length plays and creating an educational outreach production for young playwrights up to 22 years old.