Craft Production Resource

Submission Guidelines - Only ONE (1) play per playwright accept

1. Plays must be written by playwrights living in Colorado.  Playwrights who have been previously     produced by CPR and have moved away are also eligible to submit


2. Plays must be no more than 15 minutes run time and fully developed - containing a strong     beginning, middle and end structure, very well-developed characters (1 or more), and commit to a unique point of view  

3. Single Set - minimal set pieces, minimal props, simple light and sound plot 

4. Plays must be new and original (never produced or published and no adaptations of other known works) 

5. All plays are to be in a script format, double spaced and at least size 12 font

6. Plays will only be accepted in electronic form via

​7. Submissions will be accepted from October 1, 2017  to June, 2018

8. Playwrights must submit on a separate page: the name of the play, address, phone number,

    email address, and a brief synopsis of the play.  The script will contain only the name of the play 


9. Those Playwrights whose work is chosen will receive a small monetary stipend

10. All submissions will be read/heard.  The top favorites (depending upon length) will be

     selected on or before June 15, 2018. Playwrights whose work has been chosen will be

     notified and the production process will begin. We anticipate having the 2018 production of

     "Our Shorts Are Showing" *6* in the mid to late August 2018 time frame.

                                             Details will follow.


                                    ​Best of Luck to you All, Kathy Paradise